What is Shaksper?

Shaksper is the original surname of the man who became known to the world as William Shakespeare, the greatest literary mind of all-time. Since we are a publisher of books, we pay honor to the name and the author.

There has been much speculation about the identity of the true author of Shakespeare’s extraordinary works. It may have been Shaksper himself. The son of a modestly prosperous glover (a man who tanned hides and made gloves), Shaksper had several years of formal schooling. But the extent of knowledge that would have been required to write Shakespeare’s plays, and verse, is far beyond the schooling that Shaksper ever received. Speculation has bubbled for centuries about the true identity of the writer behind the words.

Queen Elizabeth? Lord Darby? Sir Francis Bacon? Edward de Vere? Sir Henry Neville? There are hundreds of suspects and no real answers.

Shaksper Books embraces the work of this esteemed man or woman. It revels in the mystery. Our books explore the great mysteries of life, just as Shakespeare did four hundred years ago. We look at God, the origin of time and our place in the Universe—important things that are fun to ponder, yet impossible to fully understand. We also publish works about money, business and finance, areas where Shakespeare’s attention was also keen.

We hope you enjoy these books as much as we do.