Jay Lumbert

Jay is a graduate of Williams College, Wesleyan University and the Loomis Chaffee School. He has professional degrees from The American College and the College for Financial Planning.

Jay grew up in Connecticut, where his father was a writer and his mother taught high school English. Jay comes from a long line of writers, with ancestors who helped author such documents as the Federalist Papers and the U.S. Constitution.

Jay was a competitive runner in high school, and taught skiing while he was in college. Jay was training to run nationally when he suffered a career-ending knee injury. He can still be seen limping along the roads of Massachusetts and Maine.

Jay was one of the country’s earliest fee-based financial planners, and helped create the nation’s first open-architecture 401(k). He has been a financial advisor to many individuals and corporations, and has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Jay maintains a financial consulting practice and speaks around the country.

Jay and his wife, Deb, have five children and live in the Boston suburbs.

Jay is also a musician and songwriter, and has written over one hundred songs.

Jay is the first of four books featuring the Jack Trance character.

The odyssey begins with The Alchemist Conspiracy, where Trance must unravel a great mystery and stop a global world war.

It continues with The Varicose Vigilantes. In this title, Trance takes a back seat to a group of retirees in a retirement community in Miami.

Trance is back in full force in The Presidential Pretender. This time he must save all of Congress from nuclear annihilation.

The Varicose Vigilantes II features Mabel Witherspoon, a seventy-five-year-old with bladder issues and failing eyesight. As Mabel sets her sights on taking down a fraudulent hedge fund manager, she finds that she must also save the Super Bowl.

Jay’s non-fiction title, Working HR For Private Business, is a valuable resource for anyone managing a small or mid-sized company.

Jay has more than ten fiction titles in various stages of development.

Jay has rough drafts for a four book historical fiction series that begins with a deaf mute child in 19th century Poland and ends in the U.S. White House years in the future. Jay is also working on a two book series based upon the life of Sir Francis Bacon.

Jay’s upcoming non-fiction titles will include books on investing, retirement plan management, and business owner planning