Jay Lumbert is saving the world again. This time, it’s with a group of retirees living in the Final Rest, a retirement community in Miami! When a young girl goes missing, and the police ignore the crime, it is up to Tony Trance and his band of misfits to take off their reading glasses, throw away their canes and get things done.┬áLike he did with The Alchemist Conspiracy, Jay delights us with his own special brand of humor. Like a master painter, he creates extraordinary images and brings us to a world where anything is possible, as long as we have faith. And in the end, you might find something you can believe in, too.

    THE DETAILS: Every Thursday, Jaime Crandall sings for the residents of the Final Rest retirement community. One day Jaime goes missing, and her best friend, Tania Bellows, is found dead on South Beach. Jaime was last seen at a surprise party hosted by the nephew of one of Miami’s biggest drug lords. Jaime is an innocent singer on the cusp of national stardom, not a drug user or party girl. When the police refuse to explore Tania’s murder, and then close the case on Jaime’s kidnapping, the residents of the Final Rest rise to the cause. They form The Varicose Vigilantes, a group of senior citizens dedicated to finding Jaime, and then ridding the world of illegal drugs.

    In this edgy and hilarious tale, a group of aging retirees must break the crusty chains of age, and create a new paradigm for living. Only then can they find Jaime Crandall, stop a global white slavery ring, take down Miami’s biggest drug dealers, and foil a terrorist plot that will make 9/11 look like a rehearsal.

    This poignant story will make you laugh and cry. It will touch you in places long-since dormant. It will re-awaken hope in your heart and strength in your soul. It will make you optimistic for the future, knowing that anything, if you believe and have faith, is possible.