Jay Lumbert broke exciting literary ground with his popular best seller, The Varicose Vigilantes, the unique comedy thriller where seniors rule.

    Rejoice, Vigilantes fans. Jay’s back!

    The Varicose Vigilantes II: Hedge Money features Mabel Witherspoon, a sight-challenged, slightly incontinent, Harley-riding senior, who takes on a fraudulent hedge fund manager, battles international drug cartels and saves the Super Bowl. Join Mabel as she shows the FBI, the DEA and the SEC that age and determination are more powerful than money and influence.

    Jay always thrills, with his uniquely creative blend of comedy, humanism and pulsating action. He creates powerful images that resonate strongly with readers of all ages. Jay’s writing reminds us that the spirit stays young, regardless of years. He makes us believe that experience can still trump youth, that determination can overcome abusive power, and that good can triumph over evil.

    If you are tired of boring assembly-line fiction, and looking for a book that will send your blood pumping, but also warm your heart, this is the one. If you believe that the American Way is something great and worth protecting, then read this book and join the cause!