Sammantha Starodubov was a well-adjusted twelve-year-old, with two loving parents, many close friends and a horse named Starr. Her parents, both physicists, had left Russia to live the America Dream. Everything changed when Sammantha came home to find her parents murdered. She was taken back to her homeland and treated like a circus animal.

    They told that “The Americans” had killed her parents and destroyed her life. Now, Sammantha has just one goal in mind—revenge. She starts modestly, with the assassination of the First Lady. Working with partners from the Middle East, China and Russia, she raises billions in her quest to infiltrate the Oval Office and control Washington. Yet, even her partners don’t know her ultimate goal, the detonation of a nuclear warhead during the President’s State of the Union Address.

    Sammantha will not stop until she has obliterated the entire American government…the President, the Congress, The Joint Chiefs, The Supreme Court…all must go. But while battles rage across the continents and within the mind, things happen that no one could have foreseen. Assassinations, kidnappings, love and global intrigue—this book has it all. If you like pulse-pounding action and corkscrew plot twists…and if you don’t mind missing a full night’s sleep, you won’t want to miss The Presidential Pretender!